10 December 2011

Gann emergency call to Flekkefjord 10.12.11

The Norwegian schoolship Gann, based in Stavanger, couldn`t make up with the 10-12 meter high waves outside the souther coast of Norway, so she had to call at Flekkefjord this weekend. Departure probably tomorrow (sunday), or monday.

I of course, I took some pictures :)

This was all for today! Nex week I will realease some very exciting news, about th cruiseseason of 2013, and I have also some very cool pictures from Google Earth, that I will publish here next week!

Have a nice weekend all of you,
Greetings Oskar! :-)


  1. Er det Freedom og Voyager klassen som er nytt? Det er begyndt å bli gamal nytt det no ;)

  2. Ikke bare det ;) Men uansett... det er gammelt nytt for deg ja.. men det er sikkert mange som ikke visste det.. :D